Let’s talk bias!



Editorials! They definitely provide variety to the basic news that comes out. The dangers of editorials? Just getting one side, and one opinion. So how do you handle writing and reading opinion articles and still get something out of them? Thankfully, a good opinion article doesn’t have to cram the opinion down your throat as long as it is still providing good information. 

The 2 articles above hit nerves based on my own political ideals. That said, I got information out of them that is admittedly relevant and valid. When you’re writing the average news article, you avoid all bias possible, but opinion pieces don’t necessarily require this. The pieces above are great examples of how personal view can peek through without being overwhelming and defeating the purpose of an article. 

There are obvious negatives to biases. They may skew one’s opinion if the person doesn’t know all the facts, and it could really throw them. This same idea can be helpful if a reader handles the issue correctly. Say you know nothing about what is going on in the Senate, but you read a couple of opinion articles, especially if they’re coming from different sides. You’re still going to come up with some information, probably just as much as a typical news article. You just may have also inherited an opinion or two, supported or not by the articles you read. No harm in that. None at all. So, aside of being entertaining and a little bit of a confirmation bias for many, opinion articles can be excellent when written in a way that balances information with the editorial side.


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