Dealing with sticky, tricky, and complex issues…

For context purposes…

Newspapers are generally written to cater to as many people as possible. The writing level is around a 5th or 6th grade reading level, as a general rule. Some issues, though, are harder to wrap one’s head around, let alone pick apart and analyze. There is a level of difficulty in both accepting the difficult issues (both because we don’t want to believe they’re possible, let alone that they ARE happening) and an even greater difficulty in understanding them when one is entirely focused on tuning them out and “turning the radio off,” to things that they don’t want to think about going on in the work.

Journalism has to combat that. Writing has a power to stir up massive fear, and writing has the power to alleviate fear. When written well, a good article can shine light on what is going on. When this happens, even if when it is information one doesn’t particularly want, they are able to understand what is going on. When an article is written in such a way that it contains so much jargon only someone well educated in an issue can tune into it, it continues to complicate the issues and make it seem even scarier.

The article above does a good job looking at a particular aspect of a sticky situation in our world. The threat of North Korea is one that is keeping many on somewhat an edge, and many who are not nervous have tuned out to it a bit. This article breaks it down in that it gives the sticky details, but still keeps it at a level that is understandable. It clears up many of it’s references, and makes the information accessible… and on some level, less sticky, and less scary.



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