Specificity and Focus!


As an addition to my last post (and others!) on keeping things readable so that they remain somewhat valid and relevant to readers, I’m going to look at articles that take an incredibly specific stance on something. Not everyone is going to be interested in spring fashion… so where it it’s relevance? What makes people willing to even make it through the first few paragraphs?

This article nails it. It brings it down to a level that is relevant to everyone. How many people struggle to find pants that fit? And when we do… we look at the price tag and groan. Suddenly, those pants aren’t going home with you. This article hits the areas that people most struggle with. It isn’t just one person, or one portion of the population. Shopping patterns are sociologically trends… that’s been proven. Go find 10 people on the street and ask if they are able to afford to shop the way they would if they had just a little more money. These issues are real issues, and they’re issues that everyone is going to deal with as they go through into their Spring Wardrobe if they decide to add to it or replace (which, again, we all do.)

So what is the benefit of this? People will read it. It doesn’t make it irrelevant. It doesn’t make it pointless and only focused on how wonderful the designer trends out are… it makes some sense of spring fashion acceptable while still relating. If an article that is specific to certain groups can do this, it definitely pulls people in and encourages them to read the article and this, perhaps, can even expand the interest group… which only brings people back for more.


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